Cervical Carcinoma SITU – Diagnosis , Treatment & Recovery

SITU Carcinoma ( or some refer as Carcinoma SITU ) is one of the earliest carcinoma forms which are a result of the tissues invasion. A popular type is situ skin carcinoma which is also referred to Bowen which is the epidermal cells accumulation inside the cells only. This will usually not lead to a dangerous tumor but to flat lesion or the organ architecture. This is why you should contact your doctor right away if you feel any strange symptoms as early detection can lead to a higher survival rate.

However, in some cases it might result in a tumor like colon polyps and papillary cancer. Most carcinoma forms originate from lesions of CIS. This is why CIS is a precursor cancer form which might in some cases transform to a neoplasm that is malignant. When doctors are explaining this to this patient, the usually explain it as being pre cancer. Carcinoma is classified in TNM classification as NOMO. Situ carcinomas are usually synonymous with a high level dysplasia that occurs in many orange. There is also a huge risk of it turning into cancer. The last step is invasive carcinoma which is very dangerous and can be deadly if it is untreated.

Most of the cancers that affect the bladder are SITU carcinomas . There are different treatments that can be used to treat Carcinoma SITU  but at first it is defined and localized until it grows to cancer. This is why doctor prefer removing it before the cancer grows to avoid any risks. Some of the other types such as polypoid tumors are remove by an endoscope without the need of any surgery. Uterine cervix dysplasia is removed by surgery or  laser treatment.
carcinoma situ

One of the most difficult forms to treat is Bronchioloalveolar lung carcinoma as it usually involves removing different lung parts. However, when the tumor grows it is very hard to treat it and can kill immediately. Colon polyps usually consist of main CIS areas that are more likely to grow to colon cancer if it is left untreated. Prostatic neoplasia is equal to Prostatge CIS.

Usually pneumonia will also grow to the lungs and will prevent individuals from being able to breathe properly. This is why many pathologists refer to it as a CIS. There has also been a lot of controversy on the why it should be removed or treated. You doctor will use common treatments like surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy depending on the level of the tumor and whether it has spread to other areas in your body. You should also research the medical institution and doctor you are going through to ensure successful results.

Try to also contact other patients that have gone through Carcinoma SITU and were able to recover. You should also sit down with your doctor and allow him to explain to you in detail what the situation is and what the different treatment options you have area. Thus is important as it will allow the level of stress you have to decrease. You should also follow his instructions careful as there’s always a chance that the cancer can come back.

Cervical Carcinoma SITU – Diagnosis , Treatment & Recovery
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